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Distribution (12" Vinyl)


NOTE: Copies are limited and stock is not updated automatically. If you want to ensure what you want to order is available, sending an email before placing the order is recommended. Otherwise if an item is unavailable we will have to send a refund.

Shipping costs for multiple items may not be 100% accurate in some cases. If there is a big difference, we will refund it. To avoid this, you can send an email to know the exact costs beforehand.

Corrupted - "Felicific Algorithm"
Cold Spring Records

Det Eviga Leendet ‎- Lenience (Yellow / Black)
Fallen Empire Records - SOLD OUT

Gribberiket - "Knefall" (Transparent Yellow)
Dead Seed Productions

Gribberiket - "Sluket" (Orange)
Dead Seed Productions

Haxen - "Haxen" (Small corner dings)
Eternal Death

Krypts - "Unending Degradation" (Splatter)
Me Saco Un Ojo Records

Negativa - "02"
Nebular Carcoma Records / Esfinge De La Calavera / Frigidus Ignis

One Master - "Lycanthropic Burrowing" (Small corner dings)
Eternal Death

Oniricous - "La Caverna De Fuego"
Equinox Discos

Sheidim - "Infamata"
Me Saco Un Ojo Records

Skáphe - Skáphe² (Red Marbled)
Fallen Empire Records

Suspiral - "Delve Into The Mysteries Of Transcendence"
Equinox Discos

Undergang - "Misantropologi"
Me Saco Un Ojo Records - SOLD OUT

Vessel of Iniquity - "Vessel of Iniquity" (Black / Silver cover)
Xenoglossy Productions / Sentient Ruin Laboratories

Wormlust - "The Feral Wisdom" (Transparent Blue)
Fallen Empire Records - SOLD OUT